4 Great Reasons to Visit the Everglades This Summer

With summer coming to a close, you may think time is running out to add a trip to the Miami Everglades this year. But in reality, airboat tours in the Miami Everglades are a hugely rewarding experience and there’s still plenty of time this year to come experience it for yourself. Both educational and eye-opening, airboat tours through the Everglades will show you a whole new ecosystem that’s completely unique. Here’s why you should add this experience to your summer plans.

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See Everglades Wildlife Up Close

One of the most captivating experiences you get from a Miami Everglades tour is seeing wildlife up close and personal — in their own habitat. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or love seeing fish and reptiles, there’s something for everyone. With the backdrop of natural flora in the Everglades, it’s not an experience you’ll soon forget.

image of an alligator in shallow murky water

See Alligators in Their Natural Habitat — Not a Zoo

Many people come to the Everglades hoping to see alligators. Luckily, with airboat tours, there’s a good chance you’ll get to seem some. Plus, you get to see them as they are in the wild, not in an enclosed habitat in a zoo. While zoos can be great for preservation of endangered species, they also don’t offer the full experience an Everglades airboat tour does. At Miami Everglades Connection, our tour guides are knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna you’ll encounter, so any questions you have along the way can be answered.

image of orange sunset overlooking wide shot of waterway in the everglades

Learn About Everglades History and Preservation Efforts

There’s a long history of how the Everglades have benefited residents of the Miami area in Southern Florida. Taking a Miami Everglades tour includes learning about that history and how it’s changing due to environmental changes. You’ll get to learn about how the Everglades looked just a century ago compared to today, as well as how nearby residents coexist with the unique ecosystem.

image of an alligator in shallow murky water

Our ‘Forever’Glades Effort Help Preserve the Ecosystem

Your tour guides at Miami Everglades Connection have lived near the Everglades for decades and are dedicated to protecting them for future generations. Not only will you hear all about preservation efforts, but you’ll be able to take part by helping clean up the Everglades while you tour them. You may come across floating water bottles or other debris in the water and your guides will make a point to remove any trash to help keep the ecosystem clean.

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Enjoy Family-Friendly Relaxation

Don’t worry about your kids being bored! If you’re looking for an activity that’s both educational and entertaining, an airboat tour is the perfect option. Kids will love gliding through the River of Grass and looking out for the variety of wildlife who make the Miami Everglades their home. At the same time, they’ll learn about wildlife, plants, and how to preserve their environment so that future generations can enjoy the same experiences.

image of a great egret by the water in the Miami Everglades

Keep Your Miami Everglades Tour Private

All of Miami Everglades Connection’s airboat tours are at least semi-private, though any tour could be made private. Every tour is small with a maximum of seven guests total. If you have a larger family, this can be the perfect size and you’ll have the boat all to yourselves. Taking smaller groups leads to a more personalized experience, so whatever interests you have on your tour can be accommodated, whether that’s birdwatching or spotting alligators.

Enjoy Sunset Over the Miami Everglades

For an even more intimate and personalized experience, you can book a sunset airboat tour, which is always completely private. Here, you’ll be able to happy hour on the River of Grass and watch the sun set over the water after taking a leisurely tour of the Everglades. This is a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion by creating a completely unique and eye-opening experience for the whole group.

image of a great egret by the water in the Miami Everglades
image of alligator and youngling through sawgrass

Questions About Our Everglades Airboat Tours?

At Miami Everglades Connection, we love showing visitors what the Everglades can offer, as well as educating about changes to the environment and how the ecosystem is being impacted. If you have any questions about the Everglades or booking a tour, reach out to us! We’d love to help create a truly memorable experience for you and anyone you’ll be visiting with.

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