Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Airboat tours are a fun, family friendly outdoor activity. You will be exposed to lots of sun and the Florida heat. We recommend that our guests bring the following:

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Wind breaker or light rain Jacket (weather dependent)
  • Bug repellent
  • And of course, a Camera for your memories.

How early should I arrive for my tour?

Please arrive at the airboat ramp no less than 15 minutes prior to your tour departure time. If you do not arrive on time, we cannot guarantee the full duration of your tour, or availability at another time or date.

Am I going to see an Alligator?

While it is not uncommon for our guests to see alligators on their Everglades Airboat tours, we cannot guarantee it. Alligators are wild animals, and they are in their natural habitat here. We do not bait, trap, cage or otherwise control where they may appear.

If you are lucky enough to see an alligator, please remember that they are wild and protected under Florida Law. Please do not attempt to feed or harass the alligators!

If you don’t see an alligator, don’t fret! There are plenty of other plants and animal species to see on the tour.

What can I expect to see on a tour?

Each trip is unique, and we cannot guarantee what you will see on your tour. However, we commonly encounter: alligators, turtles, otters, fish, and migratory and local birds.

What is the difference between a private and a semi-private tour?

If you book a private airboat tour with Miami Everglades Connection you and your party will have a true one-on-one guided experience. You will have a private guide, and the passengers on your airboat trip will be limited to the guide, and the friends or family you brought with you!

On a semi-private airboat tour you and your guests may be seated with other semi-private tour guests. Our boats accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers, so unlike some of the larger tour companies, semi-private tours still provide for an intimate experience.

If you need more passengers over the maximum of seven, contact us at (888) 428-6770 for additional airboat availability.

Is the tour suitable for infants and young children?

Yes. We have taken guests as young as 2 months old on our airboat tours. If you have any concerns about bringing infants or young children along for the ride, feel free to contact our guest service department with any questions you may have. Life jackets will be provided for all passengers, infants included!

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes. For your safety, life jackets are available for all airboat tour guests, including infants!

How many passengers can each airboat accommodate?

Each of our custom airboats can accommodate up to 6 passengers, with a maximum total weight capacity of 1500 lbs. (680 Kg). If you need more passengers over the maximum of seven, contact us at (888) 428-6770 for additional airboat availability.

Can you accommodate large parties?

Yes. While each airboat is limited to 6 passengers, we do offer multi-boat tours to accommodate larger parties. Please call our booking specialists directly at (888) 428-6770 if you are interested in booking a multi-boat tour.

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

Miami Everglades Connection is proud to offer accessible airboat tours for our wheelchair bound guests. Although wheelchairs are not permitted to leave the dock with us, we can assist guests with loading and unloading wheelchair bound guests onto the boat.  We simply ask that you advise us of any accessibility concerns at the time of booking so that we are prepared to accommodate you.

Looking for a family adventure this summer?

Is the tour suitable for pets?

Bring fido! Miami Everglades Connection’s private airboat tours are pet friendly! Please note that we cannot accommodate pets on semi-private trips. If you do intend to bring your pet, please let us know at the time of booking. Please note that we may encounter alligators and other wildlife on the tour. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is well behaved and secured in the airboat at all times. Please make sure to bring a leash and water bowl (bottled water will be provided by your tour guide).

Can you accommodate service animals?

We are happy to accommodate your service animal! Please let us know if you will be bringing a service animal with you at the time of booking.

Can we take food/drinks on the tour?

Yes, you may bring snacks and drinks with you on your airboat tour. We will provide ice cold bottled water. We do have a cooler available, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everything you bring on board.

Can we feed the alligators?

Feeding alligators on the tour is illegal and strictly prohibited. Please respect the wildlife.

Do you offer discounts for seniors, military, law enforcement or first responders?

Miami Everglades Connection is happy to offer a 5% discount to seniors and a 10% discount to our military, law enforcement and first responders. Thank you for your service! The discount will be applied to the total trip cost. Please let us know if any of these discounts are applicable to your party at the time of booking.

Do I have to pre-book my tour?

Miami Everglades Connection asks that you book your Everglades airboat tour at least twelve hours in advance. If you are interested in booking a last-minute tour, please give our booking specialists a call at (888) 428-6770, and we will do our best to accommodate your party.

Am I going to get wet?

We cannot predict the weather, and recommend that you bring a rain jacket if there is a chance of rain. Unless we encounter bad weather, our Airboat tour guests should not expect to get wet on the tour.

Can I drive the boat?

For safety and liability purposes, guests are not permitted to drive the airboats.

How fast will we be going?

Miami Everglades Connection is dedicated to the safety of our guests. Tour speeds are variable depending on the group size, ages and boat load.

Are the bugs bad?

The Florida Everglades is known for its mosquitos! If you are concerned about bugs, please be sure to bring bug repellant!

Do you provide hearing protection?

Yes. Hearing protection is available if you need it on your tour.

What is included with the tour price?

Your tour includes: bottled water, life jackets, and hearing protection.

Are bathrooms available at the airboat ramp?

Please note that there are no bathroom facilities at the airboat ramp. We recommend you use the facilities up the road at Dade Corners prior to your tour departure.

How deep is the water?

The water depth on your trip varies from mere inches to 5 feet. Airboats are designed to run in shallow waters.

Why do you need to know my weight in order to book a tour?

We understand that sharing your weight may feel a little personal. However, for your safety it is important for our guides to know the total weight of all guests on our trip. Aside from assuring that the airboat is below its rated weight capacity, guests will be strategically seated on the airboat to ensure proper balance and performance.

Should we tip our guide?

Gratuity is appreciated, but not required. Our guides work hard to create an unforgettable and safe airboat experience for you and your group. If you feel our guides met or exceeded this goal, show them your appreciation with a tip! Please note that any gratuity paid goes 100% to your tour guide.


Our airboat ramp is conveniently located only 27 minutes from Miami Beach and 22 minutes from Miami International Airport. We are 1.2 miles west from the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming.

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